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Cam is a large village and civil parish in Gloucestershire, situated in the Cotswolds close to the town of Dursley, north of Bristol and south of Gloucester.

The first written record of Cam is in the Doomsday book 1086-90. The original spelling was "Camma", Celtic and pre-Christian in origin, possibly meaning river in the valley. It is thought to have been the oldest village in the district.

Its history is closely associated with the woollen industry, with several old mills still in existence. There has been considerable residential development from the middle of the twentieth century and Cam is now a thriving community with a population of approximately 8,500 people, represented by a Parish Council with 16 members.

The Cotswold Way runs less than a mile from the village and it is proud to be the home of Cam and Dursley station.

Cam Parish Council assists to provide your local services. Our website includes much information about how we conduct business and what we do. Use the search or browse the site to find whatever you are looking for. If you can't find the information you require then please contact us.

Latest News

New MUGA at Woodfield Play Area

New MUGA at Woodfield Play Area

THERE has been some confusion over exactly what Cam Parish Council is doing to the hardstanding area at Woodfield Play Area.

The play park, including the hardstanding area currently used as a basketball court, is closed for five-weeks while major upgrading work takes place. This follows extensive public consultations.

A new multi-use games area (MUGA) is going to be created on the hardstanding area. This will be fenced in with 3-metre high fencing at the ends and 2-metre high fencing along its sides. New target ends suitable for basketball, netball and football will be installed. The surface will be remarked for multi-games use. More »

The existing football area will be retained, but improved. The old surfacing has already been removed and will be reseeded. Both goal ends will be retained but a new "D" shaped wetpour area will be created at the furthest goal end.

An on-line petition, currently signed by more than 100 people, makes several demands, many of which are already included in the plans. These include fencing the hardstanding area. However, the petition also calls for the hardstanding area to be kept solely for playing basketball rather than as a multi-use games area.

Cam Parish Council is keen to promote diversity on its playparks to allow as many people as possible to enjoy using the facilities. The existing hardstanding area had no markings but had a basketball ring at each end of the court. It was felt that marking the court and making it suitable for netball and football as well as basketball would increase its appeal to a wider range of people of all ages.

The MUGA will be fenced with green coloured fencing to stop misplaced balls hitting children playing on the playpark or pedestrians using the footpath which runs next to the MUGA area. A number snake and hopscotch graphic will also be painted onto this footpath.

The photograph shows what the new MUGA ends will look like. » Less

Posted: Tue, 06 Nov 2018 11:33 by Jo Lewis

Woodfield and Cam Green play parks to be temporarily closed for up-grading


WOODFIELD play park off Hadley Road in Cam is due to be temporarily closed next week to allow for the regeneration and up-grading of the equipment and surfacing.

The play park and the footpath running through the middle of it will be securely fenced off from Monday 29 October for five weeks. During this time the area will be transformed with new play equipment, colourful fencing, fresh line markings and an improved football area. More »

The ambitious project follows public consultations held by Cam Parish Council where local people were invited to have their say on what they wanted to see at the play park.

The toddler area will be completely overhauled with new swings, springers, a see-saw and a multi-play unit with a slide and climbing frame. Following concerns raised by local mums, fencing will go around the toddler area keeping young children safe from running under the existing fencing and into the road.

The project also involves new line markings and fencing around the basketball area with hopscotch and a colourful number snake painted onto the surface of the path. The football zone will be improved with the existing surface removed, reseeded and a "D" shaped wetpour kickabout area installed.

Much of the existing equipment suitable for older children will be retained and two flat swings and a ground-level roundabout will be added.

Brian Whatling, chairman of Cam Parish Council, said the council had listened to the views and needs of local people and considered them in the plans.

He said: "As well as improved fencing, we were told that more flat swings for older children were needed, as was a ground-flush roundabout which can be used by wheelchair users or children in buggies. These were included in our plans."

He added: "We are very excited about the project and hope that it meets the needs of the local community for many years to come."

The work will be carried out by play designers Sutcliffe Play and it is hoped will be complete by Friday 30 November.

A new swing unit is also due to be installed at Cam Green play area in Cam at the end of November.

The unit will have a tango seat which has a toddler seat at one side and a flat seat opposite for a parent or an older child to use, as well as an extra traditional swing.

The work at Cam Green playpark is expected to start on Monday 26 November and be completed within five days. A section of the play park will be fenced off while the work takes place, but the public footpath across the play park will not be affected. » Less

Posted: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 11:30 by Jo Lewis

Horse Chestnut tree to be removed from Hopton Green, Cam

Horse Chestnut tree to be removed from Hopton Green, Cam

AN ANCIENT horse chestnut tree is to be removed from Hopton Green in Cam after a combination of diseases has left it decaying and slowly dying.

The tree, which is thought to be approximately 120-years old, is suffering from leaf miners, leaf fungus and a bacterial infection called bleeding canker. It has advancing decay in its stem and crown bowl.

Cam Parish Council has been aware of the condition of the tree for several years and planted a replacement oak nearby back in 2012 to mark to Queen's Diamond Jubilee. More »

The decision to remove the horse chestnut was reluctantly made after an expert warned the tree could start shedding large branches as early as next summer. The tree is situated on the green in front of Cam Hopton School.

Brian Whatling, chairman of Cam Parish Council, said: "This has been a beautiful tree for so many years, but the close proximity of the school means it's too high a risk to ignore its condition."

He added: "The oak tree planted near the horse chestnut is growing well and we hope it will continue to flourish."

The horse chestnut will be removed next week during the school half-term holidays. Tree surgeons will leave the wood piled up for a few days for residents to help themselves to use as firewood.

There is already an oak tree at the other end of Hopton Green.

The photograph shows the young oak near the horse chestnut tree. » Less

Posted: Tue, 16 Oct 2018 14:00 by Jo Lewis