Ashmead 2 Allotment site lies on the border between Cam and Coaley parishes. The allotment site was once thriving but problems with poor soil, drainage and parking issues has resulted in only a handful of dedicated allotment holders still working on the site. The allotment garden is now looking largely neglected and in need of restoration.

Cam Parish Council has drawn up innovative plans for the regeneration of Ashmead 2 allotments and we would like to hear your views on our ideas!

The regeneration has been broken into two phases:

Phase 1 sees the creation of 20 allotment plots and an area for raised beds. These raised beds could be offered to parishioners with mobility issues, to sheltered housing residents or even for school projects. There are plans for a parking area and a gazebo where tired allotment gardeners can lean on their spades to chat to other plot holders or shelter from the elements. And the entrance to the site will be improved to allow better access off the road and back onto it.

Phase 2 is an exciting project that will include sustainable drainage features, as the allotments are prone to flooding and may possibly consist of the following:

  • Community orchard
  • Bee hives
  • Wild flower meadow
  • Story telling chair to encourage community groups to visit for supervised stories
  • Or more allotments if they are needed for parishioners.

There are lots of ideas but we would like you to comment and tell us what you would like to see in this area.

All this takes time, money and a dedicated working party! Would you like to be involved? Do you have any comments on our plans? We would love to hear from you!

Please ring Jo Lewis on 01453 548884 or email

Phase 1

Phase 2