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Cam Parish Council

Serving the people of Cam

Parish Office

Clerk: Ms Andrea Durn
Parish Council Office, 4 Noel
Lee Way, Cam, Gloucestershire
GL11 5PS

Local volunteers and the parish council have put together a Steering Group and we are drafting a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for Cam under powers provided by the Localism Act 2011. This will enable local communities to put in place planning policies for the future development and growth of their neighbourhoods.

If you are a Cam resident, please get involved.

Neighbourhood development plans

A Neighbourhood Plan establishes general planning policies for the development and use of land in a neighbourhood, like:

  • Where new shops, homes and other developments should be built?
  • Whether there are important local green spaces which should be designated for protection?
  • Which sites could be developed for housing or employment?
  • Whether there are other community needs e.g. car parking or community facilities?

The plan can be detailed or general, depending what local people want.

Neighbourhood Plans allow local people to get the right type of development for their community, but the plans must still meet the needs of the wider area. In most cases we expect this will mean that neighbourhood plans will have to take into account the local council's assessment of housing and other development needs in the area.

This power means it is worth getting involved in!

The work of the Steering Group has been focused on a range of categories including:

  • Environment
  • Housing
  • Business & Employment
  • Services and Facilities
  • Transport

Cam Neighbourhood Plan will be subject to examination and referendum by the people of Cam. If approved and supported by a majority of residents the plan will be adopted by Stroud District Council and become a statutory document to aid when developers/residents are looking at your parish for future development.

To fin out more please email or call 01453 548884.

Contact: NDP Steering Group

Meeting Dates 2017

See our meetings calendar

Or email: admin@camparishcouncil.gov.uk

Or call 01453 548884.