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SDC Local Plan Review Consultation

Posted: Wed, 08 Nov 2017 13:55 by Jenny Walkley

SDC Local Plan Review Consultation


Physical constraints include the floodplain that runs along the River Cam, together with the topography of the valley sides to the east, and the Cotswold escarpment to the southeast and southwest. There are a number of listed buildings, primarily within Upper and Lower Cam. Westfield and Bownace Woods and Cam Peak and Longdown

Key Wildlife Sites lie to the southwest and southeast of the town respectively. The Cotswolds AONB adjoins the southern edge of the settlement and lies to the southeast. There are protected open spaces within the settlement and to the northwest.

The village is identified in the Local Plan as a First Tier settlement and has settlement development limits. The preferred direction for housing growth in landscape terms is to the north/north east and east of the settlement. The preferred direction for employment growth in landscape terms is to the north/northeast.

Cam is identified as an Accessible Local Service Centre in the Local Plan. The settlement has a very strong local retail role. The main line rail station is the only strategic facility but there is very good accessibility to most key services and facilities, within the town and elsewhere. Access to services and facilities elsewhere is rated very good.

Cam accommodates a large number of jobs. Broad locations for future growth There may be the following broad locations for further growth around the settlement, should growth be required:

CAM A South west of Manor Close (for housing and/or community uses only)

CAM B West of Draycott

CAM C North of Box Road

CAM D South of Draycott Farm

CAM E East of River Cam (for housing and/or community uses only) Sites with future potential Sites identified through the 2017 SALA are shown on the map (right). Sites outlined in red may have future potential. Sites outlined in blue are considered unsuitable or not available.

Do you agree? We would love you to come and join us to have your say on the way Cam will grow in further years... Cam Parish Council will be holding an Open Day on 25th November 2017 from 10am onwards. It is the day of our Christmas Fair so drop in with your comments and ask Councillors any questions you may have, we will try to help you out with answers or certainly direct you to others who could help!

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