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Cam is a large village and civil parish in Gloucestershire, situated in the Cotswolds close to the town of Dursley, north of Bristol and south of Gloucester.

The first written record of Cam is in the Doomsday book 1086-90. The original spelling was "Camma", Celtic and pre-Christian in origin, possibly meaning river in the valley. It is thought to have been the oldest village in the district.

Its history is closely associated with the woollen industry, with several old mills still in existence. There has been considerable residential development from the middle of the twentieth century and Cam is now a thriving community with a population of approximately 8,500 people, represented by a Parish Council with 16 members.

The Cotswold Way runs less than a mile from the village and it is proud to be the home of Cam and Dursley station.

Cam Parish Council assists to provide your local services. Our website includes much information about how we conduct business and what we do. Use the search or browse the site to find whatever you are looking for. If you can't find the information you require then please contact us.

Latest News

Cam Parish Council Annual Assemble

Cam Parish Council Annual Assemble

Cam Parish Council's annual assembly will be held on Wednesday 24 April at 7.00pm at Cam Parish Council offices at 4 Noel Lee Way, Cam.

The meeting will include a presentation from Place Studio and the first showing of the Neighbourhood Development Plan's vision for the future of Cam.

There will also be an up-date on the planning applications at Box Road and Draycott Junctions.

All electors of Cam parish are welcome to attend the meeting and raise any matters of local concern.

Posted: Tue, 16 Apr 2019 12:00 by Jo Lewis

Tree Charter oak sapling is planted

Tree Charter oak sapling is planted

AN OAK tree sapling which was awarded to Cam following interest in the Woodland Trust's Tree Charter pledge has been given a new home at the soon-to-be opened garden centre on Dursley Road in Cam.

Brian Whatling, Chairman of Cam Parish Council, was helped to plant the tree at Leaf & Ground garden centre by members of staff and volunteers from gardening group Blooming Cam.

The tiny oak was given to the parish of Cam in the winter of 2017 after 102 local people signed the Charter for Trees, Woods and People, which recognises the importance of trees to humans, wildlife and the environment. It's hoped the charter will guide policy and practice in tree protection in the UK. More »

Since then the oak tree has lived happily in a large pot but it was felt the time was right to get it established in a new home; therefore the new garden centre was approached to see if they could find a suitable spot.

Jess Fisk, from Leaf & Ground, said they had been happy to work with the Parish Council and had offered several possible locations for the tree.

She added: "There are many different species of tree at Leaf & Ground, including other oaks, and we have already planted around 50 new trees at the site. The conservation of trees, wildlife and the environment is very close to our hearts so we were pleased to be able to give Cam's oak sapling a home. We look forward to seeing it grow as the years pass."

Cam Parish Council hopes to continue to improve its green credentials with an objective in its Neighbourhood Development plan dedicated to the environment and sustainability. The objective aims to protect, improve and extend Cam's green infrastructure network.

Photograph shows from left: Jo Lewis from Cam Parish Council, Sheila Downer from Blooming Cam, Dave Fisk from Leaf & Ground, Mike Taylor from Blooming Cam, Brian Whatling, Chairman of Cam Parish Council, and Jess Fisk from Leaf & Ground, with the oak tree sapling. » Less

Posted: Tue, 16 Apr 2019 10:55 by Jo Lewis

Woodfield Play Park is officially opened!

Woodfield Play Park is officially opened!

DOZENS of children turned out for an Easter egg hunt and ribbon cutting ceremony which marked the official opening of Woodfield play area in Cam.

Brian Whatling, chairman of Cam Parish Council, cut a red ribbon and declared the park officially open. The play area off Hadley Road has been upgraded with new equipment, an improved MUGA and an up-dated football area.

One hundred colourful pegs were hidden around the play park which children had to find and then swapped for an Easter egg. There were also ball skills games. More »

Councillor Whatling said he was delighted with the number of children and their parents who turned out for the event. "It was good fun and great to see so many youngsters enjoying the improved facilities." » Less

Posted: Tue, 16 Apr 2019 10:50 by Jo Lewis