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Clerk: Mrs Jenny Walkley
Parish Council Office, 4 Noel
Lee Way, Cam, Gloucestershire
GL11 5PS

Cllr Jim Mills

Cllr Jim Mills

Ward: Cam East

Vice - chair of Recreation & Leisure
Planning and Highways

01453 549835

Councillor Profile

Jim is a Gloucestershire man through and through. He was born in the village of Purton where he lived for 24 years and where his son and daughter-in-law now live in the family home.

He was educated at Sharpness Primary, Lydney Grammar and Dursley Grammar schools and spent 5 years at Gloucester Technical College studying the Electrical Technician's Course going on to work in engineering all his life. Jim started with an "electrical fitting and testing apprenticeship" in 1965 at Mawdsleys in Dursley where he worked for 15 years and later joined Brook Compton Parkinson, RFW Saftronics and Werner Riester, in Clevedon who specialised in the water, petro-chem. and power industries. For his last 10 years before retiring in 2013 he was Production Manager.

Jim moved to Cam in 2018 with his wife Barbara after living for 42 years in Berkeley. He noticed there were vacancies on the local parish council, applied and was co-opted onto the council in May 2018. He believes this gives him an opportunity of making a contribution to public life whilst still being able to enjoy his retirement.

One of Jim's particular interests is Road Safety and in particular the care and well being of young children and the elderly. He accepts that whilst there is a need for more housing in the Cam and Dursley District that not enough care and consideration is being given towards the design of the newer style developments. In particular he believes that education, medical and recreation facilities and most importantly the parking arrangements should figure more prominently in any approved planning.

Amoungst other interests that keep Jim busy is being the current Chairman of Elm Lodge (Dursley) Maintenance Ltd who run and maintain the retirement complex in Upper Cam. He is also a keen gardener and still retains the vegetable garden on the banks of the Gloucester to Sharpness canal.

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