Cam Parish Council

Serving the people of Cam

Parish Office

Clerk: Mrs Jenny Walkley
Parish Council Office, 4 Noel
Lee Way, Cam, Gloucestershire
GL11 5PS

Cllr Mark Morton

Cllr Mark Morton


Ward: Cam West

Committees: Vice- Chair of Council; Planning & Highways

Representative on external committees:

Cam Institute Charity

Arthur Winterbotham Memorial Hall

01453 368009

Councillor Profile

I moved to Cam area back in 2000 and have been involved in local Scouting starting as Group Scout Leader for 1st Dursley Scout Group then I was Assistant District Commissioner and a Training advisor for the County so very much used to dealing with the youth and leadership elements of Scouting.

I have the view of just because it's always been done that way does not mean there is not a better way to do things. We as a society grow and evolve as does our environment.

Since I moved to Cam, I have seen many changes, some for the better. I want to help our community come together and unite in one voice to make Cam a better place to live, play, work and shop.

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