Cam Parish Council

Serving the people of Cam

Parish Office

Clerk: Mrs Jenny Walkley
Parish Council Office, 4 Noel
Lee Way, Cam, Gloucestershire
GL11 5PS

Cllr Christina Carter

Cllr Christina Carter

Ward: Cam East

Committees: Planning and Highways; NDP

Cam representative:
Stinchcombe Hill Recreational Ground Trust
Cam & Dursley Creatives
Joint Woodland Management Committee

Councillor Profile

Christina arrived in Cam in 2015 but her ties within the area go back further since her son and family settled here several years before and her grand children attend a local Cam school.

She moved from Bristol where she ran a business (Mentor Communications Consultancy Ltd.) for nearly twenty years. Before that she worked as teacher in media and communication at the University of the West of England, specialising in photography, publishing and video production. She has a masters degree in visual culture and is an author.

Having handed the reins of the business, with 28 employees, to the next generation, Christina continues to make use of her expertise and personal skills to benefit the local community through her work as a parish councillor and as a volunteer on different committees in the area.

Christina has been integral to the production of Cam's Neighbourhood Plan as part of the steering group and very much believes that it is important for local people to get involved in the way their community is run and to help influence its future development for the better.

She has been a Cam Parish Councillor since 2016 and became Chair of the council in 2019.

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