Cam Parish Council

Serving the people of Cam

Parish Office

Clerk: Mrs Jenny Walkley
Parish Council Office, 4 Noel
Lee Way, Cam, Gloucestershire
GL11 5PS

Financial, Policies and General Purposes Committee

Meets quarterly by arrangement and additionally as necessary.


  • Formulating budgets for decision by Full Council
  • Monitoring budgets
  • Financial planning
  • Policy writing and updating
  • Staffing matters
  • Administrative matters
  • Premises matters
  • Other matters of a general nature referred from time to time by Full Council

To find out when the next Financial, Policies & General Purposes Committee meeting is being held please search on our Council Meeting Diary.

Please note that the press and public will be excluded from those parts of the committee meetings where sensitive information is discussed.

Upcoming agendas, paperwork and the record of minutes can be found on the document management system.