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Attention Cam Residents! - a further possible 930 houses!

Come, find out more and make your views about Stroud's emerging plan known at public consultation open events to be held at Cam Council:

19th Jan (11-1) | 21st Jan 2-4 | 22nd Jan 5-7 | 24th Jan 5-7
Important - please come. Tell your friends.

See the Stroud DC Emerging Plan here:



Another 500 + houses are being proposed for the Cam area with another 4 sites for future consideration.

Have your say - get involved with your Neighbourhood Development Planning Group. Click to see more or contact phone 01453 548884 for more info.

The 2017 Strategic Assessment of Land Availability (SALA) has now been published. See below for link to Stroud District Council.

Stroud District Council- SALA

The following is a statement from this publication:


The development strategy needs to establish just how and where at least 11,400 dwellings are to be located across the District by 2031

Stroud District's housing requirement to 2031

National policy requires local planning authorities to have a clear understanding of housing needs in their areas and to ensure that their local plans meet the full objectively assessed needs for housing as far as is consistent with all other aspects of policy. 2.22 The Council has worked with adjoining authorities to prepare a Strategic Housing Market Assessment that identifies the amount and types of housing that are likely to be needed during the Plan period to 2031. The Council has considered a range of estimates of local population growth, the changing nature and size of households and future housing demand.

Whilst this SALA has concentrated on identifying a future land supply for housing, employment, retail and community uses, the main purpose of the planning system is to plan for sustainable communities. This means managing the supply and use of land to create places that we want to be living in, working in or visiting in the future.

The NDP steering group are working hard to try and mitigate some of this growth.

We understand there is a need for more houses, but we want to have the choice of how this growth will be applied and to the character that is Cam, not just a row upon row of box like houses.

With this in mind we desperately need more residents to become members, or Just step forward, not necessarily become a full member of the steering group but to say


Get in touch now! Find out about the NDP
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