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As part of Cam's Neighbourhood Development Plan we want to put some protection in place for some of our precious LOCAL GREEN SPACES.

Over 500 residents completed a Local Green Space Questionnaire from October 2018 to Febuary 2019.The Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group had assessed sites for suitability for a 'Local Green Space' designation in the Neighbourhood Plan and needed to get views from the community.This needed to be done in order to satisfy the rigorous legal process to formally designate areas you want to protect as what are termed 'Local Green Spaces' (LGS).

Local green space designation is a way to provide special protection for green areas of particular importance to local communities. For a space to be eligible it has to be particularly significant locally with regard to beauty, wildlife, tranquility, recreation or historic significance.

That significance is about whether a site is:

-Beautiful (as local people see that);
-Historically significant (which can be in terms of very local history);
-Valuable for recreation (walking, use of public rights of way, used for picnics, walking, playing);
-Tranquil (mostly quiet);
-Rich in, or important to, wildlife (not necessarily living on the site, but also using it, eg. bats).

In 2016 residents were asked to complete a NDP Questionnaire and the Steering Group has used this information to develop the NDP further. Local people suggested areas of land that they think could benefit from being designated as LGS.

The LGS proposed include Holywell Orchard (adjoining Norman Hill Sports field), Mill Way Triangle (between Summerhayes and Norman Hill Estates), Littlecombe Meadow (off Ricardo Drive, Littlecombe), Cam Sports Ground (Everlands), land on Manor Avenue Edge (opposite Pevelands), Tilsdown Square (between Springfield and Tilsdown Close), Woodfield Recreation Ground, and Street Farm Field adjoining Littlecombe Meadow. More sites could be added later.

According to national planning policy, 'The designation of land as Local Green Space through local and neighbourhood plans allows communities to identify and protect green areas of particular importance to them.' (National Planning Policy Framework, para. 100). This is why we need your views.

The results will then be assessed by the Independent Examiner who will eventually report on the NDP, so the strength of local evidence is crucial.

Thanks to everyone who gave their views.
Terry Grocutt
Chair - Cam Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group