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Community Wellbeing Service

Here is an update on what has taken the place of the Village Agent Scheme.

Since 1st October the Village and Community Agents have combined with the GP Social Prescribing scheme to become a new service called Community Wellbeing Agents and many of the Village Agents have been transferred to the new scheme. Independence Trust is one of a number of Community Wellbeing providers in Gloucestershire who have been commissioned to offer the service in Stroud and Berkeley Vale.

Who can access the service and what can it offer?

The service is free and confidential for anyone over the age of16 and its aim is to connect you to local services, organisations and groups that can help you to improve your general wellbeing and meet your wider social needs. Community Wellbeing Agents will help you with:-
• Mental health and wellbeing
• Long term health conditions
• General health and fitness
• Social isolation, housing and environment
• Debt and finance
How do I refer?
Referrals can be made directly using the number below and can also be made by GPs, health care professionals, voluntary and community groups as well as self-referral.

Penny French
Community Wellbeing Agent

The service is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and the phone number is 0345 863 8323.
Website is