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Flytipping at Rackleaze - Threat to pets and wildlife

Cam Parish Council has recently paid for the clearance of the drainage ditch at Rackleaze Nature Reserve due to the illegal fly-tipping of green waste causing the blocking of the ditch¸ damaging the habitat¸ and attracting rats.

Rackleaze Nature Reserve is home to many protected species including water vole¸ otter¸ and bats. The protected species must be taken into consideration with the pest control of rats. This is an unexpected additional cost to the Parish Council.

Recently there have been several incidents of further illegal fly-tipping including scattered food in the cleared ditch. There is concern that this food waste may be poisoned which is of high risk¸ not only to wildlife but to pets visiting the site. The food waste is being removed and disposed of and these incidents have been reported to the Police.

The site is being closely monitored and it is hoped that further incidents will not occur and that the Rackleaze Nature Reserve will remain a haven to wildlife and residents alike.

Posted: Tue, 03 Oct 2017 09:37 by Jo Lewis

Tags: News