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Tree Charter

Tree Charter

More than one hundred people signed a tree charter at Cam Parish Council standing up for the UK's woodlands.

Led by the Woodland Trust, the Charter for Trees, Woods and People sets out how people and trees benefit each other and will guide policy and practice in tree protection in the UK.

Information sheets were displayed in the foyer of Cam Parish Council and 102 people signed to show their support. For every signature received a tree will be planted somewhere in the UK.

Encouraged by the number of signatures collected and interest in the scheme, Cam Parish Council applied for an oak tree from the Woodland Trust which will be planted in the parish next spring.

The photograph shows Brian Whatling, chairman of Cam Parish Council, and Tina Bouttle, chairman of the Recreation and Leisure Committee, with the oak sapling and a poster about the tree charter.

Posted: Fri, 08 Dec 2017 11:08 by Jo Lewis

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