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Horse Chestnut tree to be removed from Hopton Green, Cam

Horse Chestnut tree to be removed from Hopton Green, Cam

AN ANCIENT horse chestnut tree is to be removed from Hopton Green in Cam after a combination of diseases has left it decaying and slowly dying.

The tree, which is thought to be approximately 120-years old, is suffering from leaf miners, leaf fungus and a bacterial infection called bleeding canker. It has advancing decay in its stem and crown bowl.

Cam Parish Council has been aware of the condition of the tree for several years and planted a replacement oak nearby back in 2012 to mark to Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

The decision to remove the horse chestnut was reluctantly made after an expert warned the tree could start shedding large branches as early as next summer. The tree is situated on the green in front of Cam Hopton School.

Brian Whatling, chairman of Cam Parish Council, said: "This has been a beautiful tree for so many years, but the close proximity of the school means it's too high a risk to ignore its condition."

He added: "The oak tree planted near the horse chestnut is growing well and we hope it will continue to flourish."

The horse chestnut will be removed next week during the school half-term holidays. Tree surgeons will leave the wood piled up for a few days for residents to help themselves to use as firewood.

There is already an oak tree at the other end of Hopton Green.

The photograph shows the young oak near the horse chestnut tree.

Posted: Tue, 16 Oct 2018 14:00 by Jo Lewis

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