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New MUGA at Woodfield Play Area

New MUGA at Woodfield Play Area

THERE has been some confusion over exactly what Cam Parish Council is doing to the hardstanding area at Woodfield Play Area.

The play park, including the hardstanding area currently used as a basketball court, is closed for five-weeks while major upgrading work takes place. This follows extensive public consultations.

A new multi-use games area (MUGA) is going to be created on the hardstanding area. This will be fenced in with 3-metre high fencing at the ends and 2-metre high fencing along its sides. New target ends suitable for basketball, netball and football will be installed. The surface will be remarked for multi-games use.

The existing football area will be retained, but improved. The old surfacing has already been removed and will be reseeded. Both goal ends will be retained but a new "D" shaped wetpour area will be created at the furthest goal end.

An on-line petition, currently signed by more than 100 people, makes several demands, many of which are already included in the plans. These include fencing the hardstanding area. However, the petition also calls for the hardstanding area to be kept solely for playing basketball rather than as a multi-use games area.

Cam Parish Council is keen to promote diversity on its playparks to allow as many people as possible to enjoy using the facilities. The existing hardstanding area had no markings but had a basketball ring at each end of the court. It was felt that marking the court and making it suitable for netball and football as well as basketball would increase its appeal to a wider range of people of all ages.

The MUGA will be fenced with green coloured fencing to stop misplaced balls hitting children playing on the playpark or pedestrians using the footpath which runs next to the MUGA area. A number snake and hopscotch graphic will also be painted onto this footpath.

The photograph shows what the new MUGA ends will look like.

Posted: Tue, 06 Nov 2018 11:33 by Jo Lewis

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