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Fundraising/ Project news at Rackleaze, Cam

Fundraising/ Project news at Rackleaze, Cam

Since the last article in the newsletter Stroud Valleys Project and its regular Thursday volunteer group have been busy with habitat management work including the start of the annual comfrey 'bash' (cutting back) which was scythed (less messy than a brush cutter), and the management of the newly planted hedgerow. This has suffered over the hot summer months and a number of plants have actually died which we will replace this coming autumn. The volunteer group has also completely rebuilt the footbridge that crosses the ditch on-site, a job which was achieved over two sessions to take down and build (see photos). We also hope to start giving the old boardwalk a wire brushing and wood preserve if weather will allow us! As a result of this fine piece of work to build the footbridge, we have been asked by the parish council to draw up plans and quote for another extension for the boardwalk on-site. This would again create more disabled wheelchair access on to the wetland areas. We are hopeful of securing further funding in the future to complete a circular boardwalk around the wetland site. Our management of the wetland site as well as the adjacent balancing pond on behalf of Tesco has opened up these green spaces for people to enjoy and wildlife to thrive. Good examples of wildlife seen or heard over past few months have included; two Grass snake (Natrix natrix) on different occasions (1 adult, 1 juvenile) by the team and a Reed bunting (Emberiza schoeniclus) heard by our own bird expert, Barbara Wood. She has said that we are very lucky to have the Reed bunting as their numbers have been on the decline over the past years mainly due to habitat loss. Thanks once again to all the Thursday group volunteers who help look after the wildlife area and a big thank you to Denise Gibbons and Barbara Wood for their support on wildlife sightings on-site along with the continued support and partnership of Cam Parish Council.

Posted: Tue, 18 Dec 2018 11:39 by Peri-Celine

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