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Cam gets involved in the Great British Spring Clean!

Cam gets involved in the Great British Spring Clean!

A TEAM of nine litter picking volunteers tackled Cam's streets as part of the Great British Spring Clean clean-up campaign.

The hardworking team started litter picking from Cam Parish Council offices at Noel Lee Way in Cam and worked their way to Holywell Orchard. In two-hours they collected 18 bags of rubbish, two old tyres and a pile of discarded refuse including wood, metal poles and cardboard.

Event organiser Jo Lewis from Cam Parish Council said they had cleared an amazing amount of rubbish. She added: "The oldest piece of litter we collected was a crisp bag with a sell-by date of 20001!"

Neighbourhood Wardens from Stroud District Council also joined up with the litter pickers and cleared rubbish and debris from the stream running through Hollywell Orchard.

Photograph shows, from left, litter picking volunteers Antony Giuliano, Mike Lane, Val Lane, Corina Coombs, Daisy Coombs, Simon Moulding and Jane Jarrett

Posted: Thu, 25 Apr 2019 13:17 by Jo Lewis

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