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New Chair and Vice Chair at the council!

New Chair and Vice Chair at the council!

CAM Parish Council has elected a new Chair and Vice-Chair of the council. Councillor Christina Carter has taken over the role of Chair with Councillor Val Lane as Vice-Chair.

Both are experienced councillors and are involved with committees and issues affecting the day-to-day lives of Cam residents.

One of Christina's main involvements has been working closely on the Neighbourhood Development Plan, a document which will help shape future planning and development in Cam as well identifying what facilities and services are needed.

She said: "Cam is expanding and we expect many more houses to be built in the future. This brings change but also opportunities, and that is why the Neighbourhood Development Plan is so important. We're just about to take our NDP to public consultation and if approved it will bring us clarity on how we can work with developers in the future to retain Cam's special character. By this I mean things like our special green infrastructure, green corridors and the retention of trees, all of which make Cam a special place."

Val Lane joined the council last year after living in Cam for 13-years. She is a founder member of the volunteer gardening group Blooming Cam who plant and prune in the centre of the village.

Val was also a parish councillor in Quedgeley, where she used to live. She said: "I believe it's important for Cam to retain its open spaces and consideration must be given to the type of housing we have here."

Posted: Thu, 23 May 2019 10:49 by Jo Lewis

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