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Cam Needs You!

Cam Needs You!

Cam is waking up to a new era with the welcomed prospect of more control over development in the future.

Residents are being urged to come forward and give feedback on Cam's Neighbourhood Development Plan. This is a vital part of the process to get the document adopted so that it can really start to benefit everyone in the area.

This is the first time in law that the Parish Council will have a statutory document to support and help shape the future of Cam.

The recently completed draft plan will oblige developers to work within schemes that retain the essential character of Cam.

Chair of Cam Parish Council, Christina Carter, said: "Government policy may mean that Cam will be bigger in the future - but that doesn't mean we can't be BEAUTIFUL!"

"While we appreciate there has been frustration over previous developments, the plan will empower us to have more of a say on how building will look in the years to come."

"I implore everyone who lives or works in Cam to look at the Neighbourhood Development Plan and give feedback. I'm personally happy to meet with anyone who would like to discuss it. It's on display at the council offices on Noel Lee Way, Cam, or on Cam Parish Council website."

The public consultation period finishes at the end of July.

Photograph shows Cllr Christina Carter, Chair of Cam Parish Council, with the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Posted: Thu, 11 Jul 2019 12:30 by Jo Lewis

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