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Replacement fencing at Jubilee Playing Fields

Replacement fencing at Jubilee Playing Fields


Cam Parish Council is inviting quotes to install a new length of fencing at the rear boundary line of Jubilee Playing Fields in Cam. Map and photograph attached. This fence to be to the following specification:

  • The existing chain link fencing has largely collapsed and needs to be removed and scrub cleared, avoiding any young trees growing within the growth.
  • The line to be fenced measures approximately 160 metres, but this measurement must be checked. The fence is to go from the corner of the site to the stile.
  • The boundary is marked by a barbed wire fence which belongs to the farmer who owns the land behind Jubilee Playing Fields. This barbed wire fencing must not be touched, but the new fence is to be erected immediately in front of this.
  • The fence to be either:
  1. 900mm galvanised chain link fencing with straining wire and galvanised angle posts, or
  2. Pressure treated post and rail fencing, 2 rails.
  • All old fencing and scrub to be removed and the site left clean and tidy on completion.

Quotes to be received by Monday 18 November.

For more information or to arrange a visit to site ring on 01453 548884 or

Posted: Tue, 29 Oct 2019 10:42 by Jo Lewis

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