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A CHRISTMAS message has been recorded by the Chair of Cam Parish Council, sending best wishes to all its residents at the end of a difficult year.

The message is delivered by Christina Carter and can be seen on the Cam Parish Council website. In it, Cllr Carter thanks the key workers and volunteers who have worked so hard in the community during the pandemic.

She said: "There has been little opportunity to meet with the public over the last few months, so the video message was a way to reach out to do that."

Christmas lights are sparkling in the trees around the car park in Noel Lee Way in Cam, but this year the lights were switched on without the usual Christmas event.

Cllr Carter added: "It was a particular blow for the village not to have a communal Christmas Lights On event this year, so Cam Parish Council's final message is to go mad with lights and light up Cam like it's never been lit up before!"

Posted: Fri, 04 Dec 2020 16:42 by Jenny Walkley

Tags: Councillor