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News from Citizens Advice – Help needed with employment problems during Covid pandemic.

News from Citizens Advice – Help needed with employment problems during Covid pandemic.

Please let anyone with difficulties know that we are able to offer advice by Freephone and email, but sadly as yet, not face to face contact.

Unfortunately, the number of enquiries about Employment problems has soared over the last 10 months. Many people have needed advice on whether they are entitled to furlough pay, how this is calculated, and whether they might be able to claim Universal Credit in addition.

Redundancy is also a big issue and many have concerns about how they will get a redundancy payment if their employer is unable to pay it.

The reason so many people need further help to understand the system is shown in the following example.

Mrs D was managing by having 2 jobs, this meant that in lockdown her income came from a mixture of paid work and furlough payments. It got further confused by a change in the National Minimum Wage during this time which gave her a small increase. She was then offered redundancy from one job, and again it was important to be aware of the calculation of her redundancy pay, and any other payments which she might be due. Finally, she needed to know if she had any entitlement to Universal Credit to boost her income.

Being uncertain of how she would be able to manage and what action she should consider, understandably caused Mrs D great anxiety.

By having these payments calculated and explained to her by our adviser meant that she was able to make informed decisions and became able to cope with her situation.

We also advise on a whole range of other employment issues. The knock-on effects of job loss can cause financial as well as relationship and housing difficulties.
For help with any of these issues contact Stroud Citizens Advice on

Freephone: 0808 800 0510 or 0808 800 0511 Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm.

Posted: Fri, 15 Jan 2021 16:34 by Lucy Biddle

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