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Parish response regarding parking on the Jubilee

The issue of parking at the Jubilee has been discussed many times over the last few years but the problem has grown and it is now at a point where the parish council is unable to let it continue in the interests of public safety. After many complaints regarding pedestrian safety and a concern raised by Everside Football Club, the parish Council took the decision to limit the amount of vehicles able to attend the field. Cam Parish Council is looking to invest a sum of money into the site to create a fantastic shared space for all to use. Whilst many local children play football at the Jubilee, the issue of lack of play provision has been recognised and we are attempting to address this issue. Cam currently has 3 parks, 1 situated at Woodfields, 1 at Cam Green and the 3rd is Jubilee Field which provides the remaining coverage for children's play space and covers a large catchment area. The field was dedicated as a Queens Jubilee Field in Trust many years ago which restricts the development which we can do to the site with regard to building on and the use of the land. Whilst this protects the land in perpetuity for future generations, this does also present its own problems when looking to change the site.

There has been a number of consultations held with local users and this will continue until the final plan is drawn up later in the year. We have been meeting with Play providers to draw up designs and these will be made available for residents to have their say when the time comes. The intention is to include the provision of a designated parking area with height barrier which will be open to all users but the access to the 2nd gravelled area will be restricted to use for the football club on agreement.

Another large issue is the access lane, this is currently a Restricted Byway and we have lobbied for many years to change the definition to allow vehicle access (BOAT – Byways Open to All Traffic) but this has been declined. Gloucestershire Highways will not adopt the road and bring it back to highways standard so it remains a public footpath with access rights for landowners and guests. This also means that we have been unable to secure traffic calming, speed humps etc and the surface is regularly reported to Highways for the large potholes which are repaired as non-priority.

Cam Parish Council has met with the promoters/developers of the land opposite at our public meetings and entered into open discussion regarding the need for additional parking. There has been an offer to include a small car park area within their development to assist with the needs of the community and the parish council welcomes this opportunity should the land be developed.

Recreation & Leisure Committee have worked with the Chairman of Cam Everside Youth over many months to communicate our concerns with parking on the grass and have worked well together to come to a compromise. Any venue has a maximum capacity whether it's 10 or 1,000. We cannot allow users to flood the field with cars but are content for the football club to use the gravelled area at the second entrance. The Jubilee is not a dedicated football ground and there are other users who must be considered when discussing arrangements at this popular recreational space.

We understand that this may cause disappointment for some, but please understand that public safety is a high priority and we will continue to work with the all the users of the Jubilee to create a wonderful space for everyone to enjoy.

Posted: Mon, 13 Sep 2021 09:48 by Jenny Walkley

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