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GL11 and Cam and Dursley Creatives have come together to create a special community project for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The Great Jubilee Flag Project!

What is the project?

  • A drawing competition for local school children asked to create images they felt represented the Queen and her reign. We received over 900 entries!
  • Drawings were chosen and put onto 14 silkscreens
  • Teachers, TAs and community leaders came along to free workshops where they were taught how to silkscreen
  • Over 45 local volunteers have cut and sewn 2,500 flags – we have three different sizes!
  • Local young graphic designer Catherine Waye kindly designed the poster for the project
  • Flags and silkscreen kits have been delivered to the local schools and community groups so that images can be printed (silkscreened) onto the flags
  • Our youngest children have the opportunity to paint their own flags – we can't wait to see them!
  • There are also 6 pop-up community flag printing sessions where the community can print their own flag ready for the Jubilee weekend
  • We hope that the flags will bring a bit of fun to our amazing community while they attend street parties, school events and Dursley's Picnic in the Park
  • We are working with two local printmakers Deb Brooks and Andy Kinnear. Who have delivered the workshops (12 in total). We are also providing work experience to 3 Rednock students, who will be assisting at the Pop-up flag events
  • Legacy: After the project silkscreen kits will be used by Rednock School and can be borrowed by local groups/primary schools to develop skills and produce pieces such as limited edition prints, t-shirts and bags

Look out for the red, white and blue flags with drawings created by our school children!

Posted: Fri, 13 May 2022 12:29 by Lucy Biddle

Tags: Community