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Jubilee Fields

This is a 16 acre site which is accessible for all to use. It has sports pitches and a Sports Pavilion, which was constructed in 2017, that provides great facilities for Cam's local sports teams.

The play wall and ball court were installed in 2009. A new fenced toddler play area and separate junior play area were installed in 2022. The next phase of development will concentrate on a teen area. Cam Parish Council believe that our local open spaces should be open and accessible to all regardless of age and ability.

The Outdoor gym has been extremely well received with regular use of all ages. It is situated at the rear of Jubilee Playing Fields to encourage use from all (the equipment is suitable for anyone over the age of 8 years old). The main gym area is made up of 8 pieces of equipment designed to exercise all parts of the body safely in the outdoor environment. Newer pieces of equipment designed to exercise the body core and arms were added along the perimeter path in 2016. The perimeter path is a 850m tarmac path which is well used by dog walkers, joggers, wheelchair users and children learning to ride their bikes as an informal 'exercise circuit' with magnificent views.

The Skatepark is one of the best in the county and attracts skaters, boarders, BMXers and scooter users from a wide area. The park was resurfaced in 2017 and has been extended and amended over the years and now includes various jumps and ramps to cater for all abilities. The adjacent Climb Circle was installed in 2008 with the help of a National Lottery grant. It is approx 3 metres tall and provides a chance to broaden your climbing skills.

New features and improvement are planned for Jubilee Playing Fields. If you would like your say please get in touch. Contact details can be found at the top of the page.

In 2013, The Jubilee Fields won an inclusion award for Play.

The field was dedicated as a Queen Elizabeth II field in 2012 to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. This was aimed to protect outdoor recreational spaces across the UK to create a grassroots legacy from the momentous events of 2012: Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

QEII plaque

QEII plaque

Woodfields Play Area

Woodfields play park

Woodfields play park

The play area at Woodfield just off Hadley Road was officially opened on Friday 5 April 2019 with an Easter egg hunt and ribbon cutting ceremony.

Brian Whatling, chairman of Cam Parish Council, cut a red ribbon and declared the park officially open.

The play area off Hadley Road has been upgraded with new equipment, an improved MUGA and an up-dated football area.

One hundred colourful pegs were hidden around the play park which children had to find and then swapped for an Easter egg. There were also ball skills games.

Councillor Whatling said he was delighted with the number of children and their parents who turned out for the official opening. He added: "It was good fun and great to see so many youngsters enjoying the improved facilities."

The toddler area has been completely overhauled with new swings, springers, a seesaw and a multi-play unit with a slide and climbing frame. The area has been fenced to prevent young children from running into the road.

A new MUGA has been created with markings for basketball, netball, and football as well as hopscotch and a colourful number snake painted onto the surface of the path running alongside. The football zone has been improved with new turf and a "D" shaped wet pour kickabout area installed.

Two new flat swings and an all-inclusive ground-flush roundabout have also been added.

Cam Green

Cam Green Play Park

Cam Green Play Park

This play area was updated with a variety of new equipment in 2008, with a pod swing added more recently. It includes a selection of equipment for children from pre-school to around 12 years of age including a swing, multi activity unit, spring rockers and interactive panels. There is a very good size field to run around in and has football goals available for all to use.

A new tango swing unit with a toddler seat at one side and a flat seat opposite for a parent or an older child to use, as well as an extra traditional swing were installed in Spring 2019. A new bench has also been added for parents to sit and watch their children having fun on the new equipment.