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Back in November 2015, Stroud District Council adopted a Local Plan for the District which sets out where development should take place. This Plan replaced the 2005 Local Plan entirely, and provided a positive planning policy framework for the District.

Stroud District Local Plan adopted 19th November 2015

Plan Review

Central Government increased the numbers of houses each district is required to build which meant Stroud District Council's Local Plan was no longer viable. Over time, this will leave the whole of the district vulnerable to developers who could submit planning applications on any land. The process of review will protect areas from developers by strategically allocating preferred sites.

A subsequent document - The Emerging Local Plan has been drafted; this sets out the preferred locations for the minimum number of houses needed to satisfy the new Government targets - PLEASE NOTE: this is a draft document which has to go to public consultation again before being agreed by the council and being submitted to a government inspector for approval.

Cam is a key development area within the Emerging Local Plan with 2 main sites being taken forward as agreed by Environment Committee on 24th October 2019. Details of these sites are explained on pages 93 - 96 of the Emerging Local Strategy (link below). They are known as PS24 – West of Draycott and PS25 – East of River Cam.

The Emerging Local Plan allocates 700* homes stretching from the Jubilee Playing field access road at the rear of Draycott Crescent, along the back of the Shell garage and out as far as the motorway. Cam Parish Council has received a preliminary master plan from the 2 developers of this site, Persimmons and Robert Hitchings.

This has now progressed to the pre-application stage. You can find more information on the pre-application section of our webpage or by following the link below

The overall picture of development in Cam.

The first allocation of housing contained within the original Local Plan (November 2015) is now underway with Bovis homes building 137 houses along Box Road.

The following map sets out the full extent of development along the Box Road, alongside the areas still to come.

  • The pink highlighted fields were allocated as strategic sites in 2015.
  • The orange highlighted fields have all had planning permission agreed outside of the strategic allocation.
  • The purple field at the end of Box Road has planning permission for 42 houses pending.
  • There are 2 sites allocated for employment land, highlighted blue.
  • The yellow sections are the newly added sites from the Emerging Local Plan.

Please visit the office if you would like to discuss any of these plans in more details.